The Problem

An estimated 24.9 million people have the same problem. Traffickers make money by compelling them to work or engage in prostitution.

Zero Deterrence

Although trafficking is illegal in every country, it explodes where the laws are not enforced.

Exploding Profits

Annual profits from human trafficking exceed those of Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, BP, and Exxon combined.

Stop Traffickers

Survivor care is essential, but if law enforcement does not stop traffickers, they will keep churning out more victims who need survivor care.

Too Risky

Many traffickers will leave the vulnerable alone when the alternative is forfeiting their profits and losing their freedom.

The Solution

Trafficking collapses when traffickers go to jail, but police and prosecutors cannot stop traffickers if they are never equipped to do so.


Drawing on more than two decades of human trafficking enforcement experience, the Human Trafficking Institute works with partner countries to measurably reduce trafficking by:

Specialized Units
Establishing specialized units to enforce anti-trafficking laws.

Creating an Academy to train and equip the specialized units.

Embedded Experts
Embedding experts within the specilized units to work cases.

Research & Scholarships
Generating resources to ensure success and shape funding priorities.

Human Trafficking Institute Founding Directors on the Inefficiency Podcast