7 Elite Law Students Selected for Inaugural Douglass Fellowship Program

The Institute welcomes its first class of Douglass Fellows to Washington D.C. Thursday for a two-day fellowship orientation

Inspired by Frederick Douglass’ commitment to freedom and justice, the Human Trafficking Institute established the Douglass Fellowship to provide outstanding law students the opportunity to research, support, and engage in the global fight against human trafficking.

The seven Douglass Fellows were selected through a competitive process based on their demonstrated academic ability and commitment to this issue. They include students from Columbia, Duke, Pepperdine, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Virginia School of Law.

The Douglass Fellows will serve from September through May and will support the Institute’s research efforts to provide clear, data-driven materials for scholars and criminal justice practitioners engaged in combating human trafficking.

Read more about the 2017-2018 Douglass Fellows here.

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Sutton Roach

Sutton Roach

Sutton is a 2016 Purdue University graduate with a degree in mass communication. Prior to joining the Institute as the Strategic Partnerships Associate, she served with International Justice Mission as the Donor Relations Intern and then as a Global Advancement Research Coordinator.