Boutros Featured on Vocation & the Common Good Podcast

Institute Founding Director Victor Boutros was featured on New City Commons’ podcast Vocation & the Common Good, Volume 102, on Jan. 31, 2018.

Vocation & the Common Good is a multi-year research project describing the possibilities for Christian faithfulness within nine spheres of modern work. The podcast is one way of distributing the findings of the project. Boutros is a member of the law group within Vocation & the Common Good.

As a founding director of the Human Trafficking Institute, Victor is committed to resourcing law enforcement agents with all the tools required to end modern trafficking and slavery. As Victor says in the interview, tackling this problem involves more than raising awareness. Important as that is, what is required for long-term change within the world of human trafficking is a fundamental disruption of the market at its source. It is not the case, in other words, that societies are inarticulate or confused about their stated objective to preserve and protect human lives; it is the case, rather, that the incentive structures and enforced penalties for traffickers are fundamentally misaligned. Trafficking is, to put it crudely, a growth industry not because we think it should be but because the tools we have utilized in fighting trafficking are too anemic to prevent it from becoming so.

Click here to listen to Boutros’ interview.

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Kelli Ross

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