Douglass Fellows Landing

Program Overview

Empowering the Next Generation of Anti-Trafficking Leaders

Through thorough research and being paired with a mentor, each Douglass Fellow will deepen their understanding of human trafficking and make a significant impact contribution to the cause of freedom.

The Douglass Fellows represent the next generation of anti-trafficking leaders working to decimate human trafficking at its source.

Institute Welcomes 4th Class of Douglass Fellows

The Human Trafficking Institute welcomed it’s fourth class of Douglass Fellows with a virtual orientation on August 20-21. During the two-day orientation, Fellows learned about the specific work of the Institute as well as from outside experts in the field. A new element to this year’s program is that each Fellow will work as a research assistant for an Institute attorney.

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2019-20 Douglass Fellows Celebrate with Virtual Finale

The 2019-20 Douglass Fellows Finale looked slightly different than previous year-end celebrations. Due to COVID-19, this year’s Fellows class marked the end of their fellowship with a virtual event in April. And, while their second semester was altered, their accomplishments were not diminished.

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Douglass Fellows Host Advocacy Events to Raise Awareness

Each year, the Douglass Fellows program has participants from elite law schools across the country. Throughout the year, Fellows are asked to organize and execute at least one advocacy event, which provides an opportunity for participants to highlight important conversations within the anti-trafficking movement.
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Meet the 2020-21 Fellows

Natalie Assaad

The George Washington University Law School

Ashleigh Luschei

University of California Irvine School of Law

Maura Reinbrecht

The George Washington University Law School

Christy Salzman

Boston University School of Law

Douglass Fellows Alumni


2020–21 Mentors

Bridgette Carr

Professor & Founding Director of the Human Trafficking Clinic, University of Michigan Law School

Andrea Rojas

Director of Strategic Initiatives on Labor Trafficking, Polaris

Enrique Carnero Rojo

Legal Officer, Office of Public Counsel for Victims, International Criminal Court

Betsy Hutson

Chief, Office of the General Counsel, Critical Incident Response Group Legal Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigations

“My fellowship was one of the highlights of my third year of law school. It’s easy to feel like you’re spinning your wheels in law school, but my fellowship work gave me a sense of purpose and put my legal skills to real, practical use.”

Rachel Geissler, University of North Carolina Law School, Douglass Fellow Class of 2019-20

"The Douglass Fellowship was, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences of my law school career. The work assigned to fellows is thoughtfully designed to expand their human trafficking knowledge, hone their legal research and writing skills, and provide a unique opportunity to support the Human Trafficking Institute's critical mission."

- Whitney Kramer, Harvard Law School Douglass Fellow, Class of 2018-19

"I wasn't sure what to expect from this program, but whatever I was expecting, you have surpassed it in every way possible. I can't tell you how grateful and honored I am to be a part of the inaugural class of Douglass Fellows and to be involved with the Institute."

- Katherine Carey, Stanford Law School, Douglass Fellow Class of 2017-18

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