Stanford Students Engage the Anti-Trafficking Community

By: JONATHAN ROBERTS Photo by: ELKE TEICHMANN The reality of human trafficking and issues surrounding the U.S. State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report) took center stage at Stanford University last week. On Wednesday, November 29th, former TIP Ambassador Susan Coppedge and the Human Trafficking Institute’s John Richmond met with Stanford students to discuss … Continue reading Stanford Students Engage the Anti-Trafficking Community

#InContext: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

By: HOLLY THOMPSON As a newly ordained pastor, young Dietrich Bonhoeffer stood boldly before a large group of German clergy and church-goers and delivered his call-to-action, “the Church and the Jewish Question.” It was April 1933 in Germany, and Hitler had recently been elected Chancellor. Bonhoeffer, incensed by the Nazi regime and the acquiescing church, … Continue reading #InContext: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

#InContext: Ida B. Wells

By: CORY SAGDUYU Ida B. Wells, an early leader in the Civil Rights Movement, devoted her life to shining light on the darkness of injustice. In 1862, Wells was born a slave in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The Emancipation Proclamation officially freed slaves in the South about six months later, and Wells devoted her life to … Continue reading #InContext: Ida B. Wells

#InContext: Anna Julia Cooper

By: CASSONDRA (Cj) MURPHY Spanning the time from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, Anna Julia Cooper’s life was defined by her tireless fight for freedom and equality. Cooper was born into slavery in North Carolina in 1858. Although not allowed to pursue educational opportunities until her ninth birthday — two years after … Continue reading #InContext: Anna Julia Cooper

#InContext: Martin Luther King Jr.

By: EMILY SAUER In early 1957, Martin Luther King Jr. pitched an idea to publish his well-known sermons. Melvin Arnold, head of Harper & Brothers’ Religious Books Department, agreed to publish King’s book and repeatedly begged him for the manuscript for the next several years. But it was not until five years later that King … Continue reading #InContext: Martin Luther King Jr.

Douglass Fellows Meet with Descendent of Frederick Douglass

By: JONATHAN ROBERTS Washington, DC – Kenneth B. Morris, Jr. welcomed The Human Trafficking Institute’s inaugural class of Douglass Fellows during their orientation in Washington, DC. Morris is the co-founder and president of Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives and the great-great-great grandson Frederick Douglass and the great-great grandson of Booker T. Washington. Morris toured the U.S. … Continue reading Douglass Fellows Meet with Descendent of Frederick Douglass

7 Elite Law Students Selected for Inaugural Douglass Fellowship Program

The Institute welcomes its first class of Douglass Fellows to Washington D.C. Thursday for a two-day fellowship orientation Inspired by Frederick Douglass’ commitment to freedom and justice, the Human Trafficking Institute established the Douglass Fellowship to provide outstanding law students the opportunity to research, support, and engage in the global fight against human trafficking. The … Continue reading 7 Elite Law Students Selected for Inaugural Douglass Fellowship Program

Institute Launches Douglass Fellows Program to Develop Future Anti-Human Trafficking Leaders

McLean, Virginia – The Human Trafficking Institute is launching its Douglass Fellows program, inspired by Frederick Douglass’s commitment to freedom, education, law enforcement, and advocacy. This program will provide an opportunity for law students and exceptional graduate and undergraduate students to participate in a nine-month fellowship focused on providing resources to those currently combatting human … Continue reading Institute Launches Douglass Fellows Program to Develop Future Anti-Human Trafficking Leaders

#InContext: Frederick Douglass

By: TAKIM WILLIAMS Frederick Douglass was a well-respected abolitionist, social activist, orator, and statesman. Born into slavery in Maryland in 1818, his story is one of overcoming oppression in order to pave the way for others to do the same. All three of his autobiographies, from Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in 1845 … Continue reading #InContext: Frederick Douglass