Federal Report Finds U.S. Federal Courts Handled 606 Criminal Human Trafficking Cases in 2019

By: KELLI L. ROSS The 2019 Federal Human Trafficking Report was released today on the Human Trafficking Institute’s website. The Report, a project of the Institute, is a continuation of the Institute’s efforts to provide comprehensive data about every criminal and civil human trafficking case that federal courts handle each year. In 2019, there were … Continue reading Federal Report Finds U.S. Federal Courts Handled 606 Criminal Human Trafficking Cases in 2019

#InContext: Lin-Manuel Miranda

By: ZACHARY BUCHANAN The hit musical Hamilton is a pop culture sensation that spotlights the Founding Fathers’ early decision for the nation—the good, the bad, and the ugly. The show skirts a bit around the slavery debate (Thomas Jefferson makes one nod to “Sally, dear,” referencing Sally Hemings), but creator Lin-Manuel Miranda addresses the slavery … Continue reading #InContext: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Institute CEO Featured in Baylor Alumni Magazine

By: MOLLY WICKER Institute Founding Director and CEO Victor Boutros was featured in the October issue of Baylor University’s alumni magazine. Victor graduated from Baylor in 1998, where he studied philosophy. He also attended Harvard, Oxford and the University of Chicago Law School, from which he earned a juris doctor in 2003. While pursuing a … Continue reading Institute CEO Featured in Baylor Alumni Magazine

#InContext: Agnes Igoye

By: REBECCA JUN Today, there are an estimated 24.9 million victims of human trafficking; that is about three times the population of New York City. While it is important to grasp the millions of lives in this vicious cycle, Agnes Igoye fights for each individual. In an interview with Vital Voices, a non-profit organization that … Continue reading #InContext: Agnes Igoye

#InContext: William Wilberforce

By: ASHLEIGH PELTO William Wilberforce was a nineteenth century British member of Parliament who dedicated his life and political career to the abolition of slavery. He is widely regarded as the “voice of the abolition movement” and his advocacy brought about substantial and lasting change in terms of the slave trade in early 1800s England. … Continue reading #InContext: William Wilberforce

#InContext: Father Gregory Boyle

By: REBECCA JUN Father Gregory Boyle demonstrates how compassion requires discomfort. He goes to the places where nobody wants to go, and he works with the people who nobody wants to work with. His radical approach to gang violence is driven by a boundless compassion, crossing into the dangerous yet desperate streets of East Los … Continue reading #InContext: Father Gregory Boyle

Judicial Law Clerk Presents at International Conference

By: CHERISSE FRANCIS Last month, Cherisse Francis, the Judicial Law Clerk to the designated TIP justice of Belize, attended the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) Regional Conference on combatting Trafficking in Persons. The conference was an important learning opportunity for anti-trafficking professionals in Belize and beyond, as it facilitated engagement with regional professionals who … Continue reading Judicial Law Clerk Presents at International Conference

#InContext: Toni Morrison

By: TAKIM WILLIAMS Editor’s Note: Like the rest of the world, we mourn the passing of Toni Morrison. She inspired so many thinkers, writers, creatives, and dreamers through her words. We are grateful for her immeasurable impact.  In the year 1873, Sethe is a former slave living in a haunted house in Cincinnati, Ohio. Eighteen … Continue reading #InContext: Toni Morrison

Regent University School of Law Cites Institute

By: MOLLY WICKER In a recent article analyzing the outcomes of the 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report, Regent University School of Law Professor S. Ernie Walton cites the Human Trafficking Institute’s partnership with Uganda as a key factor in the country’s continued progress. “With this partnership,” Walton writes, “a well-functioning justice system, various other measures … Continue reading Regent University School of Law Cites Institute