#InContext: Nelson Mandela

By: Ariana Hadden The concept of struggle for humanity is a common trope endured by many individuals in the world, and Nelson Mandela is no exception. Born on July 18, 1918, Mandela grew up in South Africa and into a way of life that was vulnerable to segregation coupled with racism, eventually leading him to … Continue reading #InContext: Nelson Mandela

#InContext: Nelson Mandela

By: CHERISSE FRANCIS Nelson Mandela, now regarded as one of the most influential civil rights activists of all time, was born Rolihlahla Mandela on July 18, 1918, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The extraordinary life of ‘Madiba’ as he was called by his clansmen was punctuated by a series of unfortunate events beginning … Continue reading #InContext: Nelson Mandela

#InContext: Albert Einstein

By: MEGAN ABRAMEIT Albert Einstein grew up in a secular, Jewish family in Germany. Though born in Württemberg, Germany on March 14, 1879, he spent most of his childhood in Munich. Even as a child, Einstein was fascinated by science. He credits seeing a compass as the first “wonder” that attracted his attention. Although raised … Continue reading #InContext: Albert Einstein

UVA Robert F. Kennedy Fellowship Recipient Joins The Human Trafficking Institute

By: TAYLOR KING Cassondra (Cj) Murphy joined the Institute as a Robert F. Kennedy Public Service Fellow. This nine-month fellowship, established in 2007, enables new University of Virginia Juris Doctor (J.D.) graduates to start their careers as public service attorneys. It is named after the late Senator and Attorney General Robert Kennedy, a graduate of … Continue reading UVA Robert F. Kennedy Fellowship Recipient Joins The Human Trafficking Institute

#InContext: Anne Frank

By: CASSONDRA (Cj) MURPHY One of the most notable authors of the 20th century, Anne Frank has become a voice for the millions of victims of the Holocaust through her diary. The account of her 25 months in hiding during the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands has come to symbolize the human cost of war … Continue reading #InContext: Anne Frank

#InContext: Earl Warren

By: MEGAN ABRAMEIT Earl Warren may not be a household name, but the effects he had on our country are felt to this day. Born to a Norwegian and Swedish immigrant in Los Angeles, California, on March 19, 1891, Warren early on developed an appreciation for hard work. His father, an employee at the Southern … Continue reading #InContext: Earl Warren

Reflecting on Uganda: Looking Away Cannot Be An Option

By: MARGARET MURRAY Uganda, to me, is a striking dichotomy: the richest land inhabited by some of the most impoverished people. My thoughts flash to one particular excursion across the country as Tony, our van driver, skillfully swerved through an unending plethora of pot-holes. Across the rural countryside, “The Pearl of Africa’s” rich soil gives … Continue reading Reflecting on Uganda: Looking Away Cannot Be An Option

#InContext: Beth Clark

By: MARGARET MURRAY Beth Clark, co-author of Kisses from Katie and owner of Thinkspot Communications, remarks about Katie Davis Majors in the forward to her autobiography: “I’ve noticed something about people who make a difference in the world: they hold the unshakeable conviction that individuals are extremely important and that every life matters. They get … Continue reading #InContext: Beth Clark

#InContext: Alexander Hamilton

By: TAYLOR KING Few Founding Fathers faced the tragedy, hardship, and adversity Alexander Hamilton encountered throughout his life. Unlike many of his fellow revolutionaries, his story is not one of wealth or nobility. Rather, it is one of bravery and brash persistence. He spent his life fighting systems of tyranny, corruption, and inequality, because he … Continue reading #InContext: Alexander Hamilton