#InContext: Nelson Mandela

By: MEGAN ABRAMEIT Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is perhaps one of the 20th century’s greatest symbols of revolutionary peace. Mandela was born July 18, 1918, in Mvezo, South Africa. Even as a young person, Mandela must have shown a propensity for rebellion— the name Rolihlahla literally translates to “troublemaker.” His father, Henry Mandela, passed away from … Continue reading #InContext: Nelson Mandela

#InContext: Malala Yousafzai

By: JONATHAN ROBERTS As the youngest Nobel Laureate ever, Malala Yousafzai is a powerful voice for the oppressed. She advocates for children’s rights across the world. Malala was born in 1997 in Swat Valley, Pakistan. Though Pakistani women are typically not treated equally to men, Malala’s parents were determined to give her every opportunity that … Continue reading #InContext: Malala Yousafzai

#InContext: Mother Teresa

By: MOLLY WICKER For decades, Mother Teresa’s kindness and generosity has captured the attention of the world. She was showered with honorary degrees and awards and universally praised by the media. Popes, presidents, philanthropists, and even the Queen, looked to her for guidance to eradicate poverty and affect change. Despite the many influential people vying … Continue reading #InContext: Mother Teresa

#InContext: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

By: KELLI L. ROSS Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu, a Nobel Peace Laureate, rose to worldwide fame in the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid in South Africa. Tutu was born in Klerksdorp, Transvaal, and was the second of four children of Zacheriah Zililo Tutu, a teacher, and Aletta Tutu, a cleaner and cook at a school for … Continue reading #InContext: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

#InContext: Oscar Arias Sanchez

By: TAKIM WILLIAMS Oscar Arias Sanchez was elected president of Costa Rica in 1986, in the midst of the Cold War. While the United States and the Soviet Union stared each other down across the Pacific ocean, the ideological conflict between the two superpowers played out in miniature in the civil wars that ravaged Central … Continue reading #InContext: Oscar Arias Sanchez